ANKUR – Land of the first people

Within the pages of this book is a unique setting expansion for the tabletop roleplaying game ANKUR™. ANKUR – Land of the first people™ is the second book of the ANKUR™ game world, and is to be used as a Game-Master’s sourcebook for running adventures within the fictional land of Mundwazi. This setting is based on various ancient African mythologies and offers players a detailed non-European setting to explore and experience new adventures within.

With this book, any Game-Master can easily spice up their existing ANKUR™ campaign. Inside you’ll find: 6 new playable character species, 2 new character castes, and 10 new regions. Each chapter is full of cities, forgotten ruins, and natural dangers to entertain players. Every city is exquisitely detailed and provides new plot hooks and places of interest for players to explore. This book also features a complete bestiary, with 19 new creatures from African legend.

Learn of the origins of the Human race and struggle to survive 25,000 years in Earth’s past, amid an untamed wilderness, during a time when ancient “gods” walked the land. With ANKUR- Land of the first people™, you can start your journey towards a grand adventure!

Interview with Egg Embry

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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